How we proceed

Once the payment deadline given in the second reminder has passed without payment, it must be assumed that the debtor company is consciously trying to avoid its duty to pay. And if any personal contacts have also proved fruitless, the time has come to hand the matter over for collection.

In standard cases, you can simply send us your documents by e-mail. In complex cases, we recommend that you send us the information by post, and, where necessary, we would be pleased to invite you to a meeting in our offices. Each order is given a reference number and confirmation is given that we are to act in your name as representative of the creditor. With specialist know-how and a great deal of personal involvement, we ensure that each case will be dealt with reliably and for a reasonable fee. In doing this, we place value on correct and polite dealings with the defaulter.

Anyone who has had to deal with overdue payments through debt collection knows about the costs involved. We concentrate on the essential, and only trouble you regarding important decisions or where the risk of additional costs arise, matters that we cannot become involved in without your agreement. You neither have to sign a collection contract with us, nor pay an annual contribution nor take on a subscription. You employ us only when you need our services.

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